Core Competency

UFC provides cost-effective services and diversified products with high quality to the world's leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Core Technologies

UFC offers to carry out projects more safely and more efficiently, aiming at a balanced approach to economic, environmental, and social objectives. 

Heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenations

Heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenations are important reactions that find wide industrial application in the production of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, fragrances, etc. The reactions are generally highly selective and zero emission, the catalyst can often be recovered and recycled, and the processes are efficient. The development of a highly chemoselective heterogeneous hydrogenation is our core competence.

UFC has nearly 20 years of experience on identifying a catalyst which provides high selectivity and activity in a multifunctional substrate. From initial screening through development and scale-up, we can assist in all phases of process development and find the optimal catalyst system for total solution. We built a broad expertise in main heterogeneous hydrogenation transformations such as:

  • Reductive Amination
  • Selective NO2-hydrogenation
  • Chemoselective C=C hydrogenation
  • Dehalogenation
  • Dealkylation

Photo Chlorination

Photochlorination is a kind of free-radical halogenation. It is commonly used to produce chlorine-containing alkanes and alkyl-substituted aromatics. Upon application of ultraviolet radiation or sunlight, a chlorine molecule can be homolytically cleaved to generate two chlorine atoms to initiate following free radical chain substitution reaction. Photochlorination is a well-known highly dangerous manufacturing process, special care must be taken to prevent an explosion, especially for a commercial scale production.

UFC is specialized in chlorination of aromatic compounds and photochlorination of the side chain, so-called the side-chain chlorination reaction. We have excellent techniques and plenty of experience in handling both reactions in a very safe way. Besides, we also have the most sophisticated manufacturing equipment and flexible manufacturing capabilities to fulfill customers' needs such as multi-step synthesis and toll manufacturing more efficiently and economically.